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The Byng Group Whistleblower Hotline

Promoting Integrity: 

The Byng Group prides itself on a culture of openness, trust and integrity. Our business must be conducted by the highest level of integrity when dealing with our customers, suppliers, local communities, contractors and employees. The Byng Group will not tolerate any wrongdoing, impropriety or unethical behaviour at any time and management will take the appropriate measures and act quickly in addressing any issues or infractions of our Ethics Policy. In order to promote a trustworthy and honest work atmosphere and to reinforce the vision of these ethics within the Byng Group, we have established this whistleblower hotline through a third party service provider.

This policy is not a substitute for routing communications within and outside of our organization, particular as to workplace duties and projects. Customers, contractors, suppliers and employees are encouraged to report their concerns through this hotline. Since the secure online form and hotline are provided by a third party provider, any reports may be provided on a completely anonymous basis – in fact, the vendor is contractually committed to preserve your anonymity and not pursue your identiy. Even if an email address is provided for follow up questions or requests for additional information, management of The Byng Group will not know the identity of the information provider as the email address will be encrypted. The Byng Group will investigate, in good faith, any reported violations of our ethical standards and policies.

The purpose of the Byng Group hotline is to support the reporting of fraud, unlawful, unethical and other types of improper behaviour.

There are five ways to report: 

  1. Through the anonymous Byng Group Hotline at 1-833-759-7300 - This hotline is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 

  2. Through the online reporting CLICK HERE.

  3. Through the reporting app – Available for iOS in the app store by searching the term “Syntrio” to download and install the Lighthouse Anonymous Reporting App. Once in the app, use the keyword: thebynggroup

  4. By email to (must include company name with report).  

In addition, The Byng Group has developed a suggestion box. The suggestion box can be accessed from the Byng web reporting page, or directly at:

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